Refu G

You asked and we delivered! This candy flavor which is sometimes compared to a grape pixie stick or grape fun stick will surely delight those seeking a grape candy flavor which you will savor from inhale to exhale to your lips smacking for more.

Our Price: $20.00

Black Label Redemption

This profile was meticulously designed based on 27 different iterations before a perfect balance of rare vanilla beans layered with complimentary accents which leads the custard revolution.

Our Price: $20.00

Mister V

Mister V will taunt your palate with a complex array of flavors in this powerful blue concoction! This cosmic, candied union of ripened blueberries blended with scrumptious raspberries will deliver a super atmospheric punch to your palate. No beaker can contain the tantalizing flavors in this Pop Rock style blasted elixir.  Mister V is guaranteed to blast your buds to a new vaping universe.

Our Price: $20.00

Sweet stone aged fruitopia explosion with hints of cream which will have your taste buds two stepping all over your mouth. Rated as one of the best cereal all day vapes on the market by Vaper USA. Bam! Bam!

Our Price: $20.00

The Bald Bastard

Damn near obnoxious blueberry saturated with a custard impression. A rich creamy union indeed that will taunt you flavor chasing aficionados to come back for more!

Our Price: $20.00

The Buster

This twisted strawberry blend breaks all the rules. This one will make a bishop kick a hole through the stained glass window. Not all custards are created equal and this one will surely galvanize your palate.

Our Price: $20.00


Born deep within the Congo Rain Forest awaits the beast within all of us. “Ja-Mon-G” is the guardian of this forbidden nectar with a ravenous vine of fruits that will wrap around to tantalize your taste buds. Inhale an explosion of misty jungle passion fruits and exhale the Kong style vine swinging, nectar slinging sweetness of the jungle. The passion in this nectar would make Tarzan and Jane blush! Let the Ja-Mon-G experience awaken the beast inside of you…

Our Price: $20.00

Award winning liquid which presents a caramelized nut medley with subtle hints of a locally sourced North Carolina tobacco.  A naturally sweet all day vape with subtle and complex nut mixture.

Our Price: $20.00